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want to sell real estate

Are you selling an inherited property?

Inherited property is taxed.

It can be difficult to manage if you live far away.

However, if you leave it as it is, you will have to continue paying property taxes, and the value of the real estate will go down if you do not take care of it.

In such cases, it may be better to sell than to keep it for a long time.

In that case, we will cooperate with our affiliated lawyers and judicial scriveners to help you with all the procedures safely. Please feel free to contact us first.

Selling a dilapidated home?

If you are worried about "Can you sell a dilapidated house?" Please rest assured!
Abandoned house, vacant house, uninhabited apartment, dilapidated RC building, factory, warehouse, garage, tenement house, detached house, house that cannot be rebuilt, narrow land, land with no access, mortgage cancellation etc.・There are various types of real estate.

At Patio, we will purchase and assess any real estate, so please contact us first.

Having trouble paying your mortgage?

I think most people have a mortgage to buy a house.

Of course, if you find it difficult to pay your mortgage due to unforeseen unemployment, divorce, illness, or any other reason, there are solutions.

We will make the best proposal according to the customer's situation, so please contact us by e-mail or telephone first.

short time to sell


The settlement can be made in 1 day at the shortest from the property appraisal, and in about 3 weeks at the longest.

In the case of intermediation, after concluding an intermediary contract, the property is registered with the Real Estate Information Network System, and leaflets and advertisements are created and sold.

​In the case of brokerage, the period until the money is actually transferred may be quite long due to the buyer's convenience.

For those who feel that the shortest time to cash is the biggest advantage[Purchase]is recommended.

No brokerage fee


The brokerage fee is 3% of the selling price + 60,000 yen.

​No fees are charged for purchases.

For those who feel that brokerage fees are high[Purchase]is recommended.


No defect liability


In the case of brokerage, there is a defect warranty liability, so if a problem or defect is discovered after the sale, the seller must bear the repair costs.

​In the case of purchase, our company will be responsible for the purchase, so you can rest assured.

If you have a property that is tilted, has a leak, or has cracks in the foundation[Purchase]is recommended.

Can be sold in secret to neighbors


In the case of brokerage, we will register with real estate distribution and publish the details of the customer's real estate on flyers and websites to search for buyers. ​In order to focus on advertising activities from the same school district, it becomes known that the house is being sold to people around the property.

​The period varies and may be long-term, soIf you are interested, please[Purchase]is recommended.

Easy financial planning

If you are considering buying a new property, you will need to prepare a deposit and an application fee to purchase a new property. We will purchase your real estate for cash, making it easier to make a financial plan.

In the case of brokerage, even if there is a desired replacement property until the property you have is sold, it is difficult to make a financial plan, so you may hesitate to purchase.

For those considering a replacement[Purchase]is recommended.

cheaper than brokerage price


The purchase price will be lower than if it were an intermediary.

In the case of brokerage, we enter into sales activities after signing a brokerage contract with the person who owns the property.

​Depending on the type of brokerage contract (exclusive, full-time, general), the real estate company does not make money unless there is a sales contract.

In the case of a long-term sale, the sale itself may be stopped in the middle.

Long-term sales activities will be a heavy burden due to the cost of flyers and advertisements.

There are several talks about price reduction during the mediation contract.

However, the real estate company (including our company) respects the desired selling price of the customer in order to obtain the brokerage contract. Therefore, the brokerage contract amount (sale amount) is higher than the purchase price.


I want to sell it at a reasonable amount because it can be slow. If you have time to spare, such as not wanting to lower the price immediately[Mediation]We recommend selling at


*This is an example of our purchase record. Please note that we do not guarantee a purchase price, as prices vary depending on the district, terrain, area, and building conditions.

​Purchase of second-hand houses 2015


We received a consultation about brokerage of a second-hand house in Nagoya city, and we had a property appraisal meeting.

It was a wooden Japanese-style building that was built more than 30 years ago.

Buildings that are regrettable to be demolished are not appreciated in the general market if they are too old.

By purchasing and reselling the building, we were able to propose a 2 million yen higher trade-in price for the building by recommending renovation work to the new owner and making the most of the building.

​Purchase of second-hand apartments 2015

​Purchase of land 2014


I was considering buying a new detached house in the neighborhood that I liked in Okazaki City, but since the condominium has a mortgage, it is necessary to make a new mortgage to acquire the new house. It was a consultation after worrying about how to proceed with a smooth relocation.

Brokers who sell new homes recommend brokerage, but they do not purchase.

​ I was able to cancel the mortgage with the funds obtained from the cash purchase (the name will be transferred) and apply for a new mortgage. In addition, I was able to relocate while living in a short-term rental contract until moving to a new house.

It was a residential land in an urbanized area, but it was not connected to a public road, and the land did not have a building permit, so I was worried about selling it at a low price.

After negotiating with the Rin family, we divided the land necessary for access to public roads, purchased it, and made the client's land, which was impossible to build, a property for which a building permit was obtained.

It seems that the client had given up on negotiating with neighboring landowners because of the difficulty.

​We were able to sell the land for which the building permit was granted at the market price through brokerage.

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