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Real Estate Division
Special deduction for capital gains on residential property

This is a system to calculate capital gains by deducting a special deduction of 30 million yen from the capital gains when you transfer your own home (the building you live in and its land) and gain capital gains.

30 million yen special deduction for transfer income of vacant house

By December 31st of the year in which three years have passed since the time of inheritance, the heir who inherited the house that was used for the residence of the decedent must renovate the house (if it is not earthquake-resistant, renovate it to make it earthquake-resistant). ), or if the land is demolished, a special deduction of 30 million yen will be made from the transfer income of the house or land.

[new construction] About home loan tax reduction

This is a system in which 1% of the loan balance at the end of the year is deducted from the income tax (partially the following year's inhabitant tax) for 10 years when a new housing loan is taken out to build/acquire or extend/renovate a house.

Real estate purchase

Patio Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in purchasing real estate in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, as well as brokering land, selling land for sale, remodeling houses, and designing and constructing imported houses.Get professional advice before buying or selling your precious real estate"I want to talk to youPlease click and fill in.Consultation and price assessment requests are also accepted by phoneI'm here.

Patio Co., Ltd.

Director Keiryu Shimizu

real estatewant to sell!

*This is an example of our real estate transaction results. Please note that we do not guarantee a purchase price, as prices vary depending on the district, terrain, area, and building conditions.

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Are you selling an inherited property?

Inherited real estate such as vacant houses, land, detached houses, second-hand condominiums, shops, buildings, and garages is taxed.

It can be difficult to manage if you live far away. However, if you leave it as it is, you will have to continue paying property taxes, and the value of the real estate will go down if you do not take care of it.

In such cases, it may be better to sell than to keep it for a long time.
At Patio, we will cooperate with our affiliated lawyers and judicial scriveners to handle the troublesome inheritance real estate procedures, so please feel free to contact us first.

Selling a dilapidated home?

If you are worried about "Can you sell a dilapidated house?" Please rest assured!
In cooperation with our affiliated architects and building inspections, we will assess abandoned houses, vacant houses, uninhabited apartments, dilapidated RC buildings, factories, warehouses, garages, row houses, detached houses, houses that cannot be rebuilt, etc., and present reasonable prices. . In addition, there is value in real estate with various difficulties such as narrow land, land with no access road, cancellation of mortgage right etc.At Patio, we will purchase and assess any real estate.

Please contact us first.

Having trouble paying your mortgage?

I think most people have a mortgage to buy a house. Of course, if you find it difficult to pay your mortgage due to unforeseen unemployment, divorce, illness, or any other reason, there are solutions. We will make the best proposal according to the customer's situation, so please contact us by e-mail or telephone first.

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